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The mobile phone of Debenhi Escobar was discovered Submerged in water. This was confirmed by Luis Enrique Orosco, Attorney General of the Public Ministries in Nuevo Len.

In an interview with Multimedios on Monday afternoon, the official said the device was found “Not immediately close to the corpseBut it was in the water.

The little girl’s body was there Discovered last Friday, April 22nd Reservoir at the Nueva Castilla Motel, located on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo Highway. According to the official, the government is looking for a specialist in forensic analysis to determine the content of the communication devices.

Researchers are particularly interested News, Calls, PhotosThis allows us to find traces of what happened in the early hours of April 9 in the municipality of Escobedo.

Oroskov also mentioned that there was Call registration request The phone call she made was made to the phone company by the law student.

However, the information that can be removed from the mobile device will help the lawyers in the case to reconstruct the last moments of the young woman’s life very accurately from the moment she got into the taxi to the last steps near the motel.

They do not know if he used his phone at the motel.

Although Orosco noted that the images are still under analysis, he insisted that they show -As reported on Monday- A person with the characteristics of Tepanhi walks alone through the access to the motel.

Then he is seen in the restaurant area, where he looked in through the glass. He can then be seen walking from one side to the other, then running parallel to the fence that borders the building and the highway to Laredo.

“At the end of that path, she would have walked in the same direction Meet the three pits It creates the grave where she was found dead, “said Orosco.

The officer did not specify whether the girl was looking for or using her cell phone at any time inside the building during Escobar’s trip.

It is said to be Escobar’s mobile in recent days May have downloaded He does not have the credit to connect to the Internet or make phone calls, so he does not have the opportunity to ask for support through it.

During the 13-day search, the young woman’s father, Mario Escobar, told staff at the Office of the Special Advocate for Missing Persons that his daughter’s life had been assured by GPS tracking of the phone.

This Tuesday, experts from the Office of the Special Female Homicide Attorney arrived at the motel to gather new evidence that could provide additional clues as to what happened to Escobar.

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