Attitude change! What position did Donald Trump take on the new political party, the ‘Patriotic Party’?

Donald Trump’s campaign team is pulling out of the “patriotic party” after former president announced in his last speech on the Andrews site in Maryland on January 20 that “I will return one way or another.”

The American press wrote this week that a New York journalist would consider forming a political party.

On January 22, a particular Michael Joseph Kaul submitted a document to the Central Electoral Commission stating that Trump’s campaign team – Donald J. President Trump is launching a new party, the DJDF – and the “Patriotic Party” – a fundraiser.

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However, on January 25, The Guardian wrote that the campaign committee had denied any involvement with the Patriotic Party.

The report was sent to the Federal Electoral Commission “for fear of public confusion, misleading and believing that patriotic party activities are authorized by Mr. Trump or the DJDP or that donations are being made to this unauthorized group.”

Donald Trump spokesman Jason Miller told Axios he was unaware of the plan.

“We don’t support this initiative, we have nothing to do with it, we only found out (about it) through public relations,” says Jason Miller.

On Feb. 9, Donald Trump will be questioned in the Senate over “inciting rebellion” after his supporters attacked Capitol on Jan. 6, killing five people.

Donald Trump was the first US president to be targeted by such a removal practice.

If convicted, the New York millionaire can no longer run in the election.

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