AT&T will refund customers affected by the service failure

American multinational telecommunications company AT&T will offer a $5.00 credit to its affected customers. All this, after the widespread outage in its network service last Thursday.

“We understand that the outage may have affected your ability to communicate with family, friends, and others,” the company said in a statement.

Therefore, the multinational company has confirmed that to help rectify this issue, it is reaching out to potentially affected customers. Therefore, they proactively apply credit to these customers' accounts.

The fact is that, according to official calculations, tens of thousands of users were affected throughout most of the day by the outage.

The operator also indicated that the cause of the event was the application and implementation of an incorrect process that was used while working to expand the network. Therefore, the statement states that they rule out a cyber attack as a cause of the incident.

What result did the company reach?

In this sense, AT&T CEO John Stankey provided many details about this issue in an internal letter issued to his employees.

The official claimed that the credit he would offer to customers would be $5.00, an amount equivalent to a full day of service. In addition, there are also small businesses affected by the outage.

Likewise, the company clarified that customers with AT&T and Cricket prepaid or AT&T Business are not eligible for this refund. Meanwhile, no further clarifications regarding eligibility have been provided.

So, Stankey said, prepaid customers will have options available if they are affected.

However, for those on the affected list, the company clarified that these customers will automatically apply for a refund. They can do this from their AT&T accounts, thus receiving the money within two billing cycles.

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