Atletico will not make a corridor for Real Madrid in the derby

Sources inside the club point out that being born as a recognition has become a public figure with the aroma of humiliation for the champion.

The Atletico Madrid Will not do Corridor To The real MadridLalica Santander’s latest champion, Derby at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium next Sunday, said, “Some people want to turn what was born into a gesture of recognition for the champion into a public fee to be paid by their competitors, and enrich it with fragrance. EFE Organizational Resources.

“Some want to turn the birth of a champion as a sign of recognition into a public fee that his competitors have to pay, and are enriched by the aroma of humiliation. Atletico Madrid It’s going to cooperate in this effort to completely forget the true values ​​of the game and make fun of the tension and conflict among the fans, “club sources said.

“After winning various titles, including two leagues, we have been involved in many similar situations in recent years, sometimes our champion team had some kind of tribute from the rival team, others did not, but no expectations were created. “They pointed out.

They recalled Athletes He was league champion in 2020-21, and they wonder: “Does anyone remember any controversy over whether he should get a hall from his first rival after winning the title?”

“No, because there’s no debate. In the first game of this season, Zelda de Vigo decided not to build a sidewalk, it’s the right decision, because they are gestures that should be appreciated by the public, so it’s clear that they are made in front of the champion’s fans. Rarely can change be the intention.We got the corridor through Elsie in the first game we played as locals. Naturally, gratefully and openly, without any request “, reviewed Athletes.

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“It’s important to know how to succeed. At athletics we do not want to impose anything on others. It is clear that we have a different way of understanding life,” the Rojiblanco Club concluded.

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