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There is joy in the Atletico National. The Purslane team earned its 17th star after a complicated match against Dolima in Ibaho. Jorlan Barrera’s goal expressed all the joy in Medellin and the calm in Manuel Murillo Toro. Amid the anticipation of penalties, Antiochia is the most successful team in Colombia.

Criticism of Hernான்n Tario Herrera came from where he came from, having spent hard time on the green bench. ‘Arioro experienced all sorts of situations, too, and there was talk of the low salary he received as the coach of the professional team.

The national strategist spoke of what a green star is.

The balance of the match and the continuation of Gio Moreno: Today was a tough match, the competitor who submitted to us in the first half. We endured, and it was complicated. The team advanced in the second half. With the expulsion, the National took control and, thank God, we got Jarlan’s goal, which worked in a week, which was the title goal. You owe it to the fans, the managers and especially the players. They deserve everything they did. If I stay at National, Geo will stay at National. I want to continue with him, he is a leader.

Complicated moments of living in the National: It was very difficult for me, what happened with me in the National. I was so sad, so I lived in minors. So many hard things in the last year. I run ‘Arabia’ as Paisa says. I had no group of minors and someone wanted to remove me from the minors. From one moment to another they invite me to take up the profession, and it was a challenge that was my favorite. After all, because those players were with the team, they shook my hand. We go down this path, take a group of friends, go through work, share and be united.

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I am satisfied to be the champion. People who do not believe, do not respect the work. People who do not believe in being a National Champion. Today, for everyone, he is the champion. He played badly, he had no national DNA, he was a champion. We get the trophy, and if we hold that trophy, we can say nothing more than that. If we play ugly, what will you do. The National was looking for this five years ago. We found a team that gave him confidence and they wanted to play in the Nationals.

How much Herrera earns as national coach: I think I’ve happy to show what I’re doing in becoming a champion on this team. In a little while, because I captured it three months ago. This is a great satisfaction. You will not believe me if I tell you about the floor.
In addition, Giovanni Moreno Hernan Tario Herrera is the lowest paid champion coach in professional football. I’m sure he’s got it. Many do not know his story, he does not want to talk. They sent him for a walk through the Plaza Potero.

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