As for the opening of Dos Bocas, these are the 10 largest refineries in the world – El Financiro

In 2021, they were operational 732 Refineries All over the worldFrom which 316; That is, 43.2 percent, located AsiaAccording to data from the Energy Information Agency.

North America Contributes 190 refineriesTo be continued Europe (156), South America (53), Central America (9), and Oceania (8).

Within the North American region, contribution Mexico Small because it became the country’s national purification system (SNR) Six refineriesThese are refineries LibraVirtuous; MinaditlonVeracruz; CataraidaNew lion; SolomoncaGuanajuato; City of Maduroதமூலிபாஸ்; Salina Cruz, Oaxaca; Soon, the refinery Olmec Inside HeavenTabasco.

Mexico also bought an entire refinery Deer Park It is located in Houston, Texas, but is not calculated within the SNR because of its geographical location in the United States.

Meanwhile, there is the country of stars and lines 130 refineries Distributed nationwide, according to updated data for 2022.

Globally, these are Largest refineriesDue to its high refining capacity.

  1. Jamnagar Refinery, India (1 million 240 thousand barrels per day)
  2. Paraguana Refinery, Venezuela (940 thousand barrels per day)
  3. SK Energy Ulsan Refinery, South Korea (850 thousand barrels per day)
  4. Ruwais Refinery, United Arab Emirates (817 thousand barrels per day)
  5. Joshua Refinery, South Korea (730 thousand barrels per day)
  6. Onsan Refinery, South Korea (669 thousand barrels per day)
  7. Port Arthur refinery, USA (635 thousand barrels per day)
  8. Jurong Island Refinery, Singapore (605 thousand barrels per day)
  9. Calveston Bay Refinery, USA (585 thousand barrels per day)
  10. Badown Refinery, USA (560 thousand barrels per day)

The Olmeca refinery is estimated to be refining 340 thousand barrels per day.

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On March 3, 2020, Energy Secretary Rocio Nahle visited the refinery with officials from the Group ICA, Samsung, Bemex and the Mexican Petroleum Company. Jamnagar From India for ‘inspiration’ and advice.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador hopes to receive this revenue by 2023; However, according to the analysisEng., In the state of Tabasco. Construction of the Roberto Ayala-Das Bocas Railway Branch”, Refining will gradually increase from 240 thousand barrels per day in 2023 to 267 thousand barrels per day in 2025. It will reach 340 thousand barrels a day until 2026.

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