Artist Jr. Garcia, who called for a protest rally in Cuba, arrived in Spain unexpectedly.

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Image source, Facebook / Junior Garcia


Garcia was in front of the Havana Ministry of Culture on November 27, 2020, and in the July 11 protest.

Cuban opposition artist Jr. Garcia arrived in Spain this Wednesday after authorities prevented him from leaving his home on Sunday, carrying out protests to avoid the march he had announced alone.

In a message posted on Facebook, the playwright, along with his wife, Dayana Brito, confirmed that they had “come to Spain alive, healthy and with their ideas,” but did not elaborate.

Spanish government sources had earlier told various news agencies about Garcia’s visit to Madrid with “tourist visas”, which caught the attention of some as governments generally do not report on private travel.

Later, official journalists released pictures of the playwright with a suitcase at the Havana airport.

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