Art, science and technology fair to play and learn during the winter holidays

We are winter break “Visible Invisible: Archeology”, also became the art, science and technology exhibition, opened to play and learn, promoting Rosario National University.

A proposal that seeks to combine science, technology and art so that children and adolescents can experience and express themselves, imagine and observe the world that surrounds them and also within.

From Monday, July 17th to Friday, July 21st, you can visit this entertaining and educational fair, between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm in the university cultural space (San Martín 750), with free admission.

The “Visible and Invisible” exhibition will focus on the monuments, “what time leaves us when it passes, what is left of our grandmothers and grandfathers in our DNA, the words we use and do not know where they come from, our way of seeing the world, what we inherit as people and give us being as peoples,” Salt UN regulators highlight.

Through the entertainment devices located at the stations, the participants will be able to realize what is not visible because it is very far away, it happened a long time ago, it is very young or it has not yet been invented.

There will be workshops with scientists, as well as “Espacio Cuenta Ciencia”, where children can have fun with the characters that make up the collection of childhood stories published by the “United Nations Editor” and the “University’s Department of Scientific Communication”.

Proposal with multiple workshops

Eight workshops will take place throughout the week: “Traces of Time” coordinated by researchers from the Municipal Astronomical Complex, “Touching the Invisible” and “Who Are We Now” with scientists from the Rosario Institute of Physics, “How do we perceive sounds?”, With specialists from the Faculty of Exact Sciences, “How do you keep the rain in your pocket?”, with researchers from the university and Conicet, “Experimentation in Artificial Intelligence,” “3D Print Maker Space” with specialists from Rosario Technological Pole, and “House in the Garden” with researchers from the College Humanities and arts.

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In addition, there will be “Beppo’s Office”, a fun escape room organized by the Faculty of Exact Sciences that will be available every day, and “Chaná Nation: Stories Sung in the Ear”, a performance that will have four performances.

This is the second year in a row that the National University of Rosario has launched this proposal targeting children and young people. During its first edition, more than 600 people a day filled the workshops, booths and technology stations specially designed so that each of the attendees had a direct encounter with the science.

On this particular occasion, Workshops and escape room will require advance registration In order to meet the increasing demand of the people, while the Play and Learn Fair and the “Espacio Cuenta Ciencia”, they will be with free admission and without any kind of prior reservation. Those who wish can participate in the workshops Save in an online form.

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