Arrest warrants were issued for Yailin and her former stylist for thousands of dollars in debt

A Dominican Republic judge A Arrest warrant for the highly viral yall and Carlos Martinez, who was her stylist, on June 24 Three and a half years of non-payment Against Jheybel Viviana Jiménez Briceño and Robert Anderson Rivero Blanco.

Announcer Santiago Matias Alofoc interviews the accused's defense attorney, Fernando Mendez. The singer owes $25,500 An amount including legal fees and other expenses to New Decoration for renovating the flat Anuel bought for him three years ago.

“They (Yeline and Carlos Martinez) left the money as an advance The loan amount is 900 thousand pesos (15 thousand 290 dollars). At that time,” explains the lawyer.

“Yale's refusal to pay for a situation beyond our control that she has with Anuel is a breach because I already broke up with himShe repeatedly refuses to pay.”

Fernando Mendez indicated that the stylist was involved because “through him, together with Yalin, they hire the services of the company to decorate the apartment”, and he would have signed some documents. At that time to the judge.

They issued an arrest warrant against Yailin La Más Viral and her former stylist Carlos Martinez.

debt: Santiago Madias Alofoc/Instagram

Yale must go to court

According to the prosecutor, they tried on several occasions over three and a half years to compromise However, outside the courts, the singer would have refused, so they asked the authority for an arrest warrant in this way, Take Yalin to court So he now has to answer criminally.

Neither Yailin La Más Viral nor stylist Carlos Martínez gave any statement in this regard.

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