Armando Manzanero's call changed Aranza's life forever

Singer Aranza was about to give up her career when Armando Manzanero offered her the chance to mark her destiny. (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Aranza was about to give up his career in the music world forever when he received a call that would change the course of his life.

It was 1997 and at that time the Mexican singer had already recorded two albums as a single, before that, she had a relative success with her group “Zarabanda”, with which she also recorded the theme song for a soap opera. Reach a Star IIIt took the cast on tour through several cities in the country.

But his career went nowhere. The record label he worked for shut down with no promotion or future plans.

“I was very bad, very disappointed,” she admitted in a recent interview for the Cora Nelda Rodriguez channel. “One day, actually, I started talking to God and I said to him, let's see, if I want to dedicate myself to this, give me a sign, because I can't anymore, I'm tired.”

That same day, when he returned home after recording some songs for another singer's album, his phone rang.

“It turns out he's the head of Sony Studios (…) He said to me 'Hey, maestro Armando Manzanero is with me, notice he wants to meet you. I told him 'Oh, stop bothering'. In a bad mood.”

But it was true. Maestro Manzanero invited him for a meeting after hearing the single from his first album, 'Menteiras y Tears', which hit the charts in Mexico and other Central American countries.

“I'd like to propose something to you,” the singer-songwriter told him, “I'd like you to come and listen to a song I wrote for a soap opera and see if you'd be interested in singing it.”

Apparently, Aranza accepted the invitation, not imagining the scale of the project before her.

The main theme of the song is 'Time'. Female appearanceOne of the most important soap operas in the history of Televisión Azteca.

“Sing this song”

“I arrived, I met him, and we immediately recognized each other, I think we already knew each other from other lives, from other adventures, and as we sat down at the piano, he started humming 'Time' and he said to me, 'You sing.'” An old woman Like, I like it. 'A lot' and we recorded a little test.

Manzanero assured him without hesitation: “You have to sing the theme of this soap opera.” But he couldn't make the decision alone, so he asked for a week to consult with label executives.

However, a few hours later, the teacher returned to the studio on the same day. He came back and recorded 'Time'.

But there was a problem. Although his record label has made it very clear to him that he is no longer a part of their plans, they have yet to issue him his retirement letter. Female appearance It airs in less than a week, and she needs to get the letter anyway.

“I signed, but I knew the record label didn't want me anymore, and I was very clear about that, and I had trouble getting a withdrawal letter. I was already signed because they weren't interested in working with me, but asking for a letter from them was another thing.” “I told them in the letter that I had to lie, I said I wasn't going to commit myself to this, I was very disappointed (…) I think they realized. They gave me a letter of apology for them.”

“I was going to miss that opportunity. The soap opera finally premiered and the next day, I went out on the street and my life was different,” he admitted.

When Aranza talks about Manzanero – with whom he later went on a world tour and even recorded an album he produced, 'Solo Manzanero' – his eyes tear up.

“I don't know what I feel when I think of him because he changed my life. He changed my life in that moment.”

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