Argentina won World Cup through doping and cheating: Alvaro Morales half-time

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With doubts, suspicions and tendencies, this is how Alvaro Morales criticized Argentina as world champions After defeating France in the Qatar 2022 final, some of them started Harsh remarks on ESPN against Lionel MessiDiego Armando Maradona And aside from his sporting achievements, he talks about political and social issues.

In his last World Cup appearance in the program Spicy soccerBorn in Guatemala with Mexican nationality Launched against Argentina After winning the World Cup, he accused Their successes are always “with dope and cheaters”.Speaking of the three World Cups the Albiceleste have won so far.

Argentina Football has won three World Cups with the theme Shameful and scandalousArgentine goalkeeper in the Peruvian national team in 1978 and with the influential government. Doped like Diego Armando Maradona with a cheater in 1986 “He scores with his hands,” he pointed out.

Messi has failed with only one World Cup: Alvaro Morales

What many would classify as the greatest footballer in history, but he refuses to give any credit to anyone he calls a scumbag. “Mexicito”ESPN correspondent Named “Failure”. He managed to win only one World Cup for the Argentine star.

“Messi gets his first and only world title, it’s the defeat of his career Pele laughs about three World Cups“, said.

‘The ball is stained, congrats to the umpires’

Discrediting for all time the trophy achieved by the people of Mar de la Plata, Alvaro Morales used Maradona’s immortal phrase He said in a sarcastic tone Argentina’s World Championships “tarnished” Due to several circumstances, Qatar 2022 due to controversial referees and five penalties awarded during the tournament.

I come with grief because the ball is stained. I want to congratulate one of the main reasons why Argentina became world champions. I publicly congratulate Gerardo Martino, because as a result of his attitude with Mexico, Argentina did not lose again in this World Cup. Tata, I congratulate you for delivering the sport metaphorically – tactically,” he said.

And congratulations to all the judges The Argentinian scored penalties that should not have been awarded in favor of the national team, especially in this final. And VAR? Where are the dismissals of Acuna and Thibu Martinez for kicking the ball in the penalty shootout? Where was Messi’s goal disallowed for pitch invasion? They wanted to see Messi champion Y Thank you Argentina for keeping me in mind“.

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