Argentina and Brazil will also sign agreements in the field of science and technology

Argentina and Brazil They will re-launch their bi-relationship With the signing of two agreements on Science and Technology. as far as he can tell detectionThe event will take place in The white room in the pink houseThe Argentine minister will attendDaniel Filmos; and his Brazilian counterpart, Luciana Santos, who will be responsible for concluding the negotiations underway since December with the establishment of the Argentine-Brazilian Bilateral Program for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation and a Memorandum of Understanding on Scientific Cooperation in Ocean Sciences. In addition, the teams will hold a meeting at the Scientific and Technological Pole, the headquarters of the Ministry of Science.

The preparation of the documents stresses the “need” for a plan of action for the next biennium that “strengthens” the foundations for cooperation. In this vein, the two parties agreed to work on the following sub-issues of cooperation:

  • BiotechnologyEnhancing cooperation in training human resources through joint research projects and promoting the development of industrial biotechnology.
  • Space ScienceTo advance the development of satellites, to establish and start operating a regional meteorological satellite, and to launch bases for satellites in Argentina and Brazil. In addition, Argentina proposes to work on the development and implementation of a regional meteorological satellite, to strengthen regional sovereignty in this field.
  • Nuclear research: Visit of the Brazilian delegation to the CAREM reactor in Lima, Buenos Aires province with a later date, visits to the RA-10 reactor and meetings with INVAP,
  • Marine and Antarctic Sciences: It is proposed to proceed with a joint mission to the bases of Antarctica, within the framework of the cooperation that the foreign ministries of the two countries maintain on this subject, and to deepen cooperation on ocean issues through the Pampa Azul by Argentina and science at sea from Brazil.
  • Energy transition and the environment: cooperation in matters of hydrogen, lithium, and electromobility
  • Gran Chaco / Amazonia.
  • Information and communication technologyJoint Bi-national Strategy on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Advanced Technologies Applied to the Digital Economy.
  • health research: Epidemiological Surveillance at the Border, a joint program between Argentina and Brazil for the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of rare or rare diseases, with regional projection.
  • Research in nanotechnology.
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For this, A.N The Argentine-Brazilian Joint Commission for Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation The evaluation and follow-up status of the program will be. On the other hand, the warrant, which will last for five years with automatic renewal, includes the following cooperation activities:

  • Research projects and joint studies in the field of oceanography;
  • Joint development of new technologies in areas related to b Environment, like energies renewabletreatment and processing losenew materials building and other common interests;
  • Advance professional training for specialists and personalities scientificAnd Technical s customsincluding activities education s Awareness;
  • Exchange information on national laws and regulations, and operations/activities undertaken by parties in scientific facilities in jurisdictional waters.

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