“Are you out of data?”: Pepe Aguilar goes live amid controversy between Angela Aguilar and Nodal

Pepe Aguilar and his wife have traveled to Japan amid the controversy surrounding his daughter Angela Aguilar. Photo: IG @pepeaguilar_oficial| Social websites

Singer Pepe Aguilar She practically took no stance on the criticism, taunts and memes her daughter faced. Angela Because love is confirmed Christian Nodal; However, he did a live broadcast in which he seemed to reveal something.

The singer's followers wanted to get some deeper news about the controversy, as Pepe Aguilar cut off the broadcast and had no intention of divulging details.

The first thing the singer did was count the audience on Instagram, he invited influencers and journalists to join him, and when he reached more than 30 thousand viewers, he said:

The regional singer took advantage of the spotlight on his family Credit: (Instagram/@pepeaguilar_oficial)

“And, and, and, I've been waiting to come to Los Angeles, California, and I've been waiting to tell you something very important, so here it goes, and I want to tell you…” And then the exchange ended abruptly.

The act was interpreted as trolling—an internet joke or hoax. And Pepe Aguilar got comments like: “Don Pepe, out of data?”, “What a big troll,” “I was already ready with my bread. And my coffee, what happened?”, “30,000 whispers”, “I love you hahahahaha even I got punched” and “I was waiting for it, I saw it coming” etc. Minutes after the broadcast, the singer limited the comment box on his Instagram.

For several days, Pepe Aguilar receives many comments trying to warn him about what Angela is doing, even a series of memes with the nickname “Don Pepe” were created and a hashtag became popular on social networks.

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Everything from his comments unleashed to Hola! USA, Angela assured that it was not a new relationship, but they started dating again:

“It's not a new relationship, it's a continuation of a story that life has put on hold for us so we can grow and lose. Because when we leave ourselves, we're more ourselves when we return.

After Pepe Aguilar released a release, the phrase Don Pepe became popular on the singer's Instagram:

Pepe Aguilar received a barrage of comments blaming his daughter. (Instagram)
  • “Don Pepe, his daughter, Dora the Explorer, is exploring forbidden places, come back to check on his Casimerito.”
  • “Dan Pepe didn't buy HOLA magazine because his Angelita came out as Diabililla”
  • “His daughter wanted to be an “auntie” and became a stepmother.”
  • “Dan Pepe, his daughter is playing stepmother, she'll be back.”
  • “Don Pepe is back, he already has a grandson”
  • “Don Pepe he doesn't like something happened, I better get back!”
  • “What's up Pepe, you already know the mess your daughter made.”
  • “Don Bibi, your Casimerito has already taken over the whole city, how about when he returns?”

Due to the wave of comments, Pepe Aguilar chose to limit that activity, although his video was a joke and did not reveal anything, he had already spoken about the limits he puts on those who try to flirt with his daughter:

“They know me as more than just a ranchera singer, so that doesn't mean I'm a mafia member, but I can defend myself well. So it's like: 'You know who I am, don't water it down, don't hurt it.' “I have told only one person and he has already left and is not coming back,” was his warning.

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