Are you a talented genius? SCIENCE answers it in one minute with this quiz

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the Talented geniuses They are known to achieve a intelligence quotient (IQ) 130 points. High intelligence is often thought to be a A gift that life has given to so fewas happened with Albert Einstein also Stephen Hawking.

So much so that these people prove that they have Advanced development in relation to the growth of their cognitive abilities. That is, they are distinguished by their height Intellectual abilitywith respect to the average.

On frequent occasions, Gifted They have no idea about their cognitive abilities and often struggle with it Mis-understanding With the rest. In the school They were marked as “strange” for responding or having superior knowledge compared to the rest of the class.

Now, through A Stady workmanship Davidson Instituteit was possible to determine what distinctive trait geniuses possessed.

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It is not difficult to discover whether a person is gifted or not, but what is true is that there are certain characteristics that can predict the facts.

he Davidson Institute He describes geniuses in a very special way. The non-profit organization ensures this They understand quickly and intuitively, must be precise, set high expectations for themselves, and display a distinctive sense of humor.

Now, through the study he conducted Researchers Ugurlu and Zebi, who participated in it More than 8000 peoplegreater details were obtained about the distinction they enjoyed with these people Average intellectual ability.

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between Talented people And UntalentedThey compared the personalities of each of them, and in this way they were identified What trait is associated with intellectual ability?.

What is the distinguishing feature of a gifted genius?

Although the study did not show Significant differences between the two groupsThe truth is that the talented genius has Stronger openness towards expertise.

Specifically, it is an essential part of IntelligenceBecause it contributes to Creativity and ability to evaluatebetween different points of view, when conducting A decision or solution to a problem.

In conclusion, they also highlighted that people with high intelligence showed these characteristics or ways of being traits: extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience, neuroticism, and agreeableness..

“Openness to experience is an essential component of intelligence, contributing to creativity and the ability to consider multiple options and perspectives for approaching life, solving problems, and understanding complex situations,” says Grant Hilary Brenner. Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, for Psychology Today.

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