Appointments for 5-year US visas for Cuban nationals will be in Guyana, sources said

In the coming days, U.S. officials will provide official details on how interviews for Cubans interested in obtaining tourist visas for the northern country will be conducted, which will again last five years. Until 2019, former President Donald Trump ordered it to stop.

According to local media reports, from press channels such as Univisión 23, the only thing confirmed is that the appointment to issue these visas will not take place at the US Embassy in Havana, which has a very small staff. The diplomatic headquarters were allegedly subjected to sonic attacks on workers.

What is the preference for handling nominations for these five-year visas to the US? According to Jesús Novo, an immigration attorney in Miami, the most viable option is interviews for these nonimmigrant visas held at the US Embassy headquarters in Guyana’s capital, Georgetown. A place familiar to Cubans because reunification visas are processed there.

5 year tourist visa from Guyana

Additionally, there are numerous direct flights with Guyana by various airlines. There are also countless private businesses, from hostels and consultancies set up to offer advice to Cuban travelers at the US Embassy. If that wasn’t enough, Cubans do not need a visa to Guyana, so, . Can be entered without major setbacks.

In particular Guyana will be the designated consulate for such cases, however, these cases may be transferred to other embassies, for example, Mexico, Panama or the Dominican Republic, where the person wishes to be interviewed. He pointed out said the lawyer.

Novo added, “This is great news because there are many people who do not want to immigrate to the United States, but have relatives here, and because these visas are suspended, they cannot contact them because many relatives cannot go to Cuba. Reasons”.

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By the end of this month, perhaps as early as next week, all the requirements are expected to be officially announced and the process will be reopened to Cubans who want to move to the United States without permanent residency.

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