Apple will magically update iPhones in its stores without taking them out of the box

Apple has developed a technology that automatically updates its operating system.

iPhone 15 in its original box

There are amazing things in the world of technology that sometimes amaze us Like the evolution of emojis that touched a touchscreen for the first time, using the mixed reality functions of Apple Vision Pro or the dynamics of the iPhone’s Dynamic Island. At the end of the day, that’s the beauty of technology, right? It’s amazing how easy it makes our lives.

Information about one of the technologies capable of opening anyone’s mouth arrived at our offices today. Obviously, Apple is working on a small device capable of near-automatic software updates for its iPhone products. Without leaving their boxes! Let’s see what’s in it.

A base Wireless charging iPhone software update

One of the biggest difficulties when buying a new iPhone is that, in most cases, After completing the configuration process, it’s time to update your software to the latest versionIn this case iOS 17.

To avoid this – and to streamline the purchasing process at the Apple Store – the company has worked on developing a platform (like a charging base). Update iPhone software without leaving the boxMark Gurman reports Bloomberg.

How does it work?

apple store

All new iPhones will be sold with the latest software updates

The process is simple: An Apple Store employee places the iPhone case on the software update pad, which turns on the iPhone, automatically turns on the update, and then turns it off again.

The exact mechanism of action of this curious device is unknown. Report It doesn’t specify whether it’s AirDrop, Bluetooth or wireless charging-based technology. But the truth is, it works in a simple vicinity because the base doesn’t have to touch the iPhone to update its software.

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Undoubtedly, this is the most interesting technology that allows consumers Get the latest software update for your devices. As for the iPhone 15, it already comes with iOS 17.0.3, which fixes its overheating issues out of the box.

When will it be available in the Apple Store?

apple store

The employee examines the new iPhones in their boxes

In theory, this revolutionary wireless iPhone software update docks It is only and exclusively available to Apple Store employees. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a consumer product. Although it would be great for more than one of us!

It sounds like information taken from one of the April Fools’ Day news stories, but in fact this technology already exists and It may debut in the Apple Store by 2023.

Also, the news only mentions the Apple iPhone. This technology can be transferred to other devices in Apple’s catalog. With major software update sites for iPad and Mac computers. What do you think about this innovative Apple technology?

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