Apple suspends engineering program manager indefinitely after tweets about sexism at work


5 before 2021 16:14 GMT

Among her later allegations, Ashley Jovic spoke of “hostile work environment, sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions, and retaliation” at the company.

Ashley Jovik, Apple’s director of engineering program, has been placed on indefinite administrative leave after she posted a series of tweets complaining about alleged sexism and discrimination in the workplace. the edge.

Gjovik began writing about her Apple experience on Twitter in late July, apparently inspired by other public accounts about sexism at big tech companies. Among her allegations is one that the company offered her an employee assistance program and suggested she take medical leave while investigating her reports of sexism, discrimination and a hostile work environment.

“For months, I have been raising concerns with [departamento de] Turn on Apple Employee Relations Years of experiences with sexismhostile work environment, sexual harassment, unsafe working conditions, and retaliation,” Jovik revealed in an interview with the outlet. I asked them to mitigate the hostile work environment during the investigation, and they initially offered me treatment and medical leave.”

The executive claims that he declined the offer because it was “meaningless” and demanded that “limits and oversight” be put in place. If there was no other option, Jovik suggested that the company give him paid administrative leave.

“Obviously they made no effort to set boundaries, instead saying they would put me on administrative leave and insinuating that they didn’t want me on Slack, where I expressed my concerns about certain policies in the company. They also understood who – which They didn’t want me to meet other women in person From the company about their concerns about Apple’s policies, which I’ve been doing.”

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In a tweet dated August 3, the woman shared a screenshot from a conversation that purportedly illustrates the type of sexism she faces. In the discussion, a senior man gave his opinion in a recent presentation, saying that Jovik “was very good” by refraining from raising his voice at the end of sentences.

On Wednesday, Jovik sent a letter to her office saying she was on administrative leave while the company investigates her allegations. You are also prohibited from accessing Apple’s internal Slack channels.

According to the outlet, Apple has seen a spike in employee activity in recent months. In May, iPhone insiders raised concerns about the appointment of former Facebook advertising director Antonio Garcia Martinez, claiming that part of his 2016 autobiography ‘Chaos Monkeys’ reflected controversial views of women. He was fired hours later.

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