Apple is changing iCloud to improve iCloud Drive and email

The Apple app has improvements that make everyday use easier. (Freepik)

Manjana decided to redesign its cloud platform, This update will bring new features and improvements to its users. Vote and He Mail.

One of the features of the latest version of is the ability to send Browser notifications On the computer for email and calendar events. This means users can stay on top of their important responsibilities and communications without constantly checking their apps.

Changes have also been made to the home page, which is now fully customizable, giving users the freedom to quickly and easily organize and access the features they use.

From downloading files to deleting emails or marking pending tasks, everything is organized in a simple way. This customization empowers users and allows them to adapt iCloud to your individual needs.

The Apple app has improvements that make everyday use easier. (Manjana)

This feature introduces a list view that simplifies file management, allowing users to find and access their documents more efficiently.

Previewing files before downloading is also included. After selecting a file, with a simple touch on the space bar, it is possible to preview the content, allowing you to make more informed decisions about what to download.

Besides, Manjana Enables creating iCloud email addresses directly from the web. This simplifies the account setup process. Email of iCloud, It gives users quick and easy access to this essential feature.

The “Cancel Send” option is a life saver in case an email is sent by mistake. With this feature, users can instantly undo their mistake and correct it before it reaches the other person.

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Another added feature is the ability to attach files and photos directly from iCloud Driver or photos from Web interface. This feature simplifies the process of sharing content, allowing users to share documents and memories more conveniently.

The Photos web app has also received a significant update. It now supports “memories” and offers a slideshow. This enhancement allows users to relive their most important moments and share them in a more impactful way.

These changes include two new subscription options iCloud+, they are: 6 TB of storage for $29.99 per month and 12 TB of storage for $59.99 per month. In this way, Apple gives users more flexibility and storage capacity for their accounts.

iCloud has a new interface. (Photo: iCloud/Apple)

Avoid updating iOS A iPhone Due to space limitations or simply carelessness, this has ramifications that seem insignificant at first, but turn into problems over time.

First, choosing to intentionally stop updates can trigger a repetitive cycle. Every day, the iPhone Send reminders to users to update at some point during the day (usually recommend doing it overnight). In this way, a new entry Regular Daily consists of keeping the system from updating, with at least one daily interruption.

Failed to update all devices Manjana Recent versions may create incompatibility issues between applications and services. An example of this is syncing notes or reminders iCloudIt depends on whether the cell phone has the latest version or not iOS. If the update is not done, the user will not be able to access his notes on other devices.

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Of course, one of the most important aspects is security. Manjana Implements updates to protect against emerging security vulnerabilities and threats from time to time.

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