Apple has filed a lawsuit against Apple Watch for “explicit and unreasonably dangerous security risk.”


11 dic 2021 05:14 GMT

According to the complaint, the battery of the watch swells, which creates pressure on the screen, causing it to detach, break or crack, exposing users to “exposing its sharp edges”.

A group from California (USA) sued Apple on Thursday alleging defects in its smartwatch. Reports Apple Insider.

According to the Glass Action complaint, all Apple Watch models from the first Apple Watch Series 6 may carry “undisclosed and unreasonably dangerous security risk”. In particular, the watch’s battery ensures swelling, which puts pressure on the screen, causing it to detach, break or crack from the device, “exposing its sharp edges” to users.

In this way, the defect battery swelling is not possible, but the lack of enough space or some other means to protect it.

The lawsuit alleges that the company deliberately made Apple Watch models with this defect, but denies its existence.

Plaintiffs claim damages, as well as expose Apple Watch defect.

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