Apple causes 10 billion losses to social networks

Apple Creating a huge hole in the bottom of major social networks. An investigation The Financial Times Has found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter And Web light They lost about $ 9.85 billion in revenue following changes in Apple’s privacy practices.

Last year, Apple announces Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, Applications must ask permission to monitor user data. This policy went into effect in April and prohibits users from tracking them if they choose to do so..

Apple loses $ 10 billion a year to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration

Facebook significantly criticized the move with a full-page ad in the newspaper. Thanks to the Financial Times report, we now know why company leaders are so frustrated. According to the report, Facebook lost more money in “absolute terms” compared to other social sites due to its enormous size. Snapdragon, meanwhile, “was worse than a percentage of its business” because its advertising is primarily tied to smartphones, which makes sense for a product without a desktop version.

“Some sites that have been severely affected – but especially Facebook – have had to rebuild their machines anew as a result of TCA,” adtech consultant Eric Seifert told the Financial Times. “In my opinion it takes at least a year to build a new infrastructure. New tools and structures need to be newly developed and tested in detail before they can be used by a large number of users. “

Forced change in the field

Apple’s new policy will force social networking sites and other applications to be more creative with their advertising. Whether it’s focusing on Android devices or investing in Apple’s advertising business – even if it violates its own rules by quietly collecting user data just like third-party apps – they need to find another source of income that isn’t under surveillance. People on their iPhones.

Many iPhone users say they do not want Facebook tracking, And it pays more for social networking. One of the biggest consequences of disabling Facebook tracking is that advertisers cannot effectively scale their campaigns. This is because they use a tool to see how many people clicked on an ad, or Google the business they saw on Facebook and went to the website to buy something.

The success of Apple Facebook’s advertising business is another big challenge facing Facebook. This is great for iPhone users and of course Apple – may have its own plans to enter the mobile advertising business – This feature proves to be a resounding success.

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