Anuvel attacks DJ for singing Carol G at a nightclub in Orlando

If Anuel AA thought the controversy over his new partner “Yailin, the most viral” split was the worst thing that could happen to him these days, he was wrong. At a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a DJ released his ex-partner Carol G’s song, which caused a particular reaction, for which he was criticized. What happened? Details here.

The composer enjoyed the atmosphere of the place and talked to many friends. The DJ, noticing the artist’s presence in the place, did not hesitate to “entertain” him with his many songs; In the words of that man, there were about 15 songs in Puerto Rican that he played that day, until he decided to play one of the carols.

One of Colombian’s last hits, along with Becky Ji, is ‘Mamie’, a disc jockey who promises to be a participant’s request and that the public is the boss. What is Anuel’s reaction? He threw an iceberg at the man in charge of putting on music at that nightclub; The latter does not know who is responsible for it until they are shown a video of the artist watching the performance.

“If I hurt someone, it’s my fault; Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general. “I thought the man was very professional […] I did not expect such a great and famous artist from him, ”said the victim, who is also the editor of La Gibbeda.

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The images were shared and viralized on social networks, where Internet users took to Puerto Rican to denounce his ex-partner’s approach to a subject. “What an immature boy; Carol G must be dying of laughter, ”one user commented; “It still hurts … it’s obvious that he loves Carol, and it hurts him so much that he does not forgive her,” another person writes.

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