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Life of Anuel AA He is going through a great professional and personal moment. Not just screened Two of his latest songs Devoted to his former partners, he received the visitation of his little daughter, Cattleya, as a result of his relationship. Young influencer Yalin The Most Viral. Are you thinking of resuming the relationship for your daughter’s sake?

Although there is no exact date for the official breakup of the urban singers, it is known that the two Anuel AA as Yaelin They decided to take a break and finish a few weeks before the birth of their first daughter, Cattleya.

However, after his younger successor arrived, the situation changed. Carol G’s ex-boyfriend’s plans Yailin on her commitment to La Más Viral. According to various sources, The author of hits like “Mas Rica Que Air” and “Sola” has nothing to do with resuming his commitment to the 20-year-old Puerto Rican.Despite the crisis, they suffered at the end of last February.

How did ANUEL AA and YAILIN’s status become so viral?

Last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the new edition of the Latin American Music Awards took place, a ceremony that rewards the most popular artists of Latin origin. Puerto Rican Anuel AA One of them.

Of course, the 30-year-old singer did not go unnoticed at such an event, because in addition to presenting his latest song with Visin, he decided to choose a more striking look with sunglasses and gold chains that lost more than one speech. If that happens.

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Anuel AA’s appearance at the Latin Music Awards did not go unnoticed (Photo: Anuel AA / Instagram)

But beyond the personal aspect of Anuel AA, controversies were the order of the day in the musician’s life. One only has to look at the story he uploaded on Instagram to realize that the Carolina native is constantly sending notes to the “Civrica” ​​author, or at least that’s what he hinted at a few days ago.

And that’s it The self-proclaimed god of the trap He couldn’t think of a better idea than to share a story with the song “Just You and Me,” composed by Yalin, with two hand emojis that seem like a plea for another chance to be a family again.

Young influencer Anuel replicated AA’s photo (Photo: Yalin La Mas Viral / Instagram)

This fact created a wave of rumors and comments on social networks, especially after Yelin replicated the story of her ex-husband, which, despite the separation, shows how the two singers separate personal matters and maintain a healthy relationship. and dear for the well-being of his little Cattleya.

What Anuel AA had to say about his divorce with the very viral Yalin?

In addition to his notes via social networks, the musician gave an interview to a well-known entertainment program and clarified his current status with the mother of his daughter Catlia.

Instead of avoiding the question, Anuel pointed out that he is separated from the girl’s mother, although this does not mean that they are not in touch or stop providing mutual support.

“With Yaileen, for things in life, we will no longer be together (…) Anyway, we have a relationship, it’s the mother of my daughter and a family as we want”, said the native of Puerto Rico.

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Likewise, the composer also spoke of God and pointed out that even though he was separated, he was able to be a great artist for the purpose they had prepared for him. A message full of peace and it’s more suited to his version of a musical gang. Congrats on the change, Anuel!

More news about ANUEL AA

Anuel AA Is Yelin Too Viral for Carol G?

Speculations that Anuel AA cheated on Carol G with Yellin La Mas went viral after the “Tusa” singer sent a message at a concert shortly before she performed “A Ela.”

Among the alleged reasons for the separation of the urban artists, the theory of infidelity by the Puerto Rican is said to be the most powerful, which has not been confirmed or denied by the couple, who were also in love with many people. months.. More details here.

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