Antonio Priseno assures them that they left Palenque early; The coaching staff and directors are up to date

Antonio Briceno made it clear that they left early to rest and that his family was there to support his father.

Antonio BrisenoSecurity SivasApproved it, with Alan Moso Y Santiago OrmenoFour days before the playoff against Puebla, they were in a palanque in Guadalajara, Jalisco, although they had already made it clear with the coaching staff and the red and white board that they were at home from “eleven to eleven fifteen” at night. .

“As many know, my father, I wanted to make one thing clear. Antonio Briseno, was the owner of Patio La Calavera, in which he was dedicated to the October festivities. My family and I went to support him and invited some colleagues, Moso and Ormeno.

“The fights are from 7:00 to 10:45 – 11:00, more or less, when the last fight is over, we retire. My wife and my family stayed to enjoy the concert, and at 11 – 11:15 we were already in our homes,” he said. Chivas defender Antonio El Pollo Briseno said in a video posted on his social networks.

Some of these pictures went viral on social media Antonio Briseno, Alan Moso Y Santiago Ormeno They appear in a palanquin. According to security SivasHe and his companions only went to support his father, but only his wife and family stayed to enjoy a concert after the cockfight.

“I wanted to clear them up, so everyone is calm, sometimes information gets distorted, the training and management staff already know how the events were, I hope everyone is fine,” he added. Antonio Briseno.

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The players Sivas They had to clarify the event to the team and coaching staff, because the following Sunday they were recommended to avoid distractions against Puebla, at the Guahtemoc Stadium, to go to the quarter-finals of the Apertura 2022.

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