Antonella Roccuzzo’s rudeness to Shakira provoked old anger

Shakira Antonella Roccuzzo

Antonella Roccuzzo Seems to mark a position with respect Shakira. When that happened, Rosario hosted a party to say goodbye Leo Messi His role in FC Barcelona And left the Colombian singer. Now, for the European press, what has been an open secret for some time has been confirmed: the businessman has no contact with his wife Gerard Pique.

Antonella Roccuzzo’s sudden decision with Barcelona after Lionel Messi arrives in Paris Saint-Germain

For at least a decade, there was a strong rumor that the wives of football players did not have a good relationship. According to the circle, Roccuzzo will never forgive the Colombian singer who caused Pike to split up With her friend, Nooria Thomas. When Leo married Antonella, this old rumor was resurrected and Shakira Conflict should be publicly denied.

“Maybe yes,” was the answer given by the Colombians when interviewed TelenochHe was asked if he would attend Messi’s wedding. Later, when asked about the rumor of a confrontation with Rokuso, she noticed the version was discontinued.

& # x00201c;  I don & # 39; t know where it came from & # xf3;  That.  I do not understand why they saw us together

“I do not know where it came from. I do not understand why they saw us together

“I do not know where it came from. I do not understand why they saw us together,” Shakira told reporters many years ago, when asked if she was fighting with Antonella Roccuzzo.

“I do not know where it came from. I do not understand why they saw us together. Someone said such nonsensical words. That rumor seems to have gained more strength. But no, we have a better relationship. Leo and I have been friends since childhood.

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French Wing: Sophisticated look by Antonella Roccuzzo for Lionel Messi’s presentation at PSG

Now, however, thanks to the news that neither the rumored BQ nor Shakira attended Messi’s farewell event several days ago. Join Paris Saint-Germain. “He hosted a big party at his home in Barcelona, ​​which was attended by friends of the Barசாa team and many of his teammates. Gerard Pique and Shakira are not among them”, Published the portal Week From Spain.

The murmur of the awkward bond between Shakira and Antonella is a response to the fact that Rocco has formed a solid friendship with Pike’s ex-partner. To this day, Nouria Thomas and Rosario maintain that strong bond, which is why Rosuzo chooses to stay away from the singer.

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