Anti-Savista UNT Party Withdraws Its Candidacy From Venezuela’s Opposition Primaries

Luis Emilio Rondón, vice president of the Venezuelan opposition party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT), is recorded during a press conference in Caracas (Venezuela), this Thursday, July 20. EFE/Rayner Pena

The Venezuelan party Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) announced this Thursday that it will withdraw its candidacy for the opposition primaries on October 22nd.Chavismo will emerge as the standard-bearer in the 2024 presidential election, and the formation had registered without naming its candidate.

“In accordance with the opinion of our partisan structures, we have decided that Un Nuevo Tiempo will not register its own candidacy and will open a waiting period to evaluate the new actions to follow,” its vice president Luis Emilio Rondon said in a statement read.

in writing, Read 72 hours before the deadline to nominate its final candidate, the party recognized the need to “build a strong, stable and coherent unit”.And he promised that the primary was the “best way” to start the process.

“Our UNT party (and) our leader will be in Venezuela Manuel Rosales Rondon vowed that he did not want to be “another disturbing factor in this process” as a result of the high level of unity, respect and honesty in the path to be followed in the historic and transcendental effort to join the best candidacy.

We declare that we are not our own candidate (…) But of course our party (…) considering the electoral process we will announce at the right time that we will go along,” he reiterated.

From left, Venezuelan opposition candidates Andrés Velázquez, Carlos Prosperi, Fredy Superlano, María Corina Machado, Delza Solorzano, Andrés Caleca, Tamara Adrián and César Perez Viva participate in the first candidate debate in Caracas (Venezuela) today. EFE/Miguel Gutierrez

The opponent indicated that there would be meetings with the leaders of other parties to reach a proposal for “a grand political coalition” and concrete “unity”.

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On June 24, the UND registered the name of a militant named José Hernández -unknown political activity-, reserved a place on the list, waiting to decide who its candidate would be, a mystery to this day.

After the withdrawal of nominations, 13 candidates will face each other in the opposition primaries.

On the other hand, heCandidates for the opposition primary elections in Venezuela agreed to advance a plan to deal with actions arising from institutions and that could affect the internal proceedings of October 22.People who attended Monday’s meeting between the presidential candidates told EFE on Tuesday.

Monday’s meeting in Caracas marked the start of efforts to strengthen solidarity against the so-called Bolivarian revolution, which has ruled since 1999, the sources, who asked not to be identified to respect a media agreement on these matters, agreed.

“They talked about the government’s barriers to completing primary studies and strategies for what to do in case of disqualifications, not yet fully defined,” explained one of the participants in this first meeting.

The meeting – he added- “lots of research papers” and “some agreements”, without commenting on anything agreed upon.

(with information from EFE)

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