Another station on the Union Radio Circuit in Valencia: Onda 100.9, broadcast under Cantel's orders.

Conadell closed the Onda station. Photo file

Another station on the Union Radio Circuit in Valencia was taken off the air by officials of the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL). Now turn to Onda, Super Station.

With the government's decision, listeners will stop listening to content from places like La Gran Naranja hosted by Georgette Isaacs; The micros “50 y tele” by Tamelis Díaz, the program “Simbre es tarte” with Riccardo Grafe and Lucas Sarabia, among other interesting proposals that delighted and informed the listeners.

Onta was part of the Union Radio circuit, along with La Mega and the now closed Union Radio Noticias y Exitos. Only La Mega survives, not sure how long.

Conadell Onda closed the radio station

On October 14, 2022, a resolution dated the 7th of that month ordered the station to cease broadcasting. Union Radio Valencia 105.3 FM, “The Destruction of Privilege.” The same day, according to Espacio Público, was reportedly closed Turn on Top 91.5 FM, station from the same Union Radio Circuit from the same State. “It's still in the air, with another name: Millennials”, the NGO described.

Fourteen days later, on October 28, 2022, Conatel ordered the stations to stop broadcasting. The Hits 99.1 FM, which operated in Valencia. They were taken off the air the same day Platinum 88.1 FM, Innovación Panamericana Stereo 98.3 FM And Joy 104.9 FMIn Tachira State.

This February 2, it's Onda's turn, with at least 290 radio stations closed in Venezuela from 2003 to 2023. Onda begins the account in 2024 to show the fragility of freedom of expression in Venezuela.

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