Another legendary space was born

Alfonso Garcia

We already know who the Tooth Fairy is, the one who gives the “gift of a fallen tooth.” What we didn’t know until now was that he lived in a wonderful place, the country of Lindabrina and Raton Perez, “one of the most beautiful places in the world of fantasy.” Ask Anna, the heroine of this story, who manages to enter through a space her parents designed at a point on a skirting board in the hallway. Entering it, she was startled by “that strange and wonderful place”.

The good is shared. And Anna did it with her friends, whom she invited to enter the magical places where the fairy Lindabrina rules. “We are ready to paint what you will send us, Mrs. Fairy,” said they. And Anna’s gang of friends would paint fish, trees, birds, springs, mountains, rivers, bridges…which “stopped being drawings and became living things”. A world of wonderful beings and precious magical transformations. Problems also appear there, embodied in a robotic snake, a large articulated black bird, a small device similar to a tank…, which leads to different adventures, other scenarios – a doll’s house, for example-, the disappearance of Perez the mouse …

Once the surprising plot-line is indicated, it must be said that the simplicity of the story emerges as a rule, with allusions to tenderness in a world of wonder that only children can enter as a protagonist. But a world in which the power of imagination really reigns supreme, with mythic characters from traditions and, above all, the incorporation of new references, with a text full of allusions, often literary, games, inventions of words …

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An original book written with natural elegance that provides a very interesting read full of suggestions.

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