Angelique Boer and Sebastian Rully travel to the beach with Cicardo Hernandez

Like good beach lovers, actors Angelique Boer Y Sebastian Rully They could not miss the opportunity to close the year on the beach with a boom, so lovers go on a trip Chicharido Hernandez On the beach, it seems to be in Las Cabos, and they enjoy their incredible adventures watching a whale.

The protagonists of the soap opera Conquer the past, Angelique Boer Y Sebastian Rully, Baja traveled to the beautiful beaches of California, where they interacted greatly with nature with their best friends, Diego Dreyfus And football player Javier “Ciccarito” Hernandez, With whom they have glorified images on the networks.

Home after a long vacation, France, He met his family, the protagonist Theresa He returned several days ago in the arms of his love, and they traveled to Las Cabos using the winter vacation, where they completely wasted honey and love, showing how much they love each other.

Since last weekend, through his Instagram stories, Angelique Boer Y Sebastian Rully They documented their romantic walks on the beach, where the actor, of Argentine descent, made it clear how happy he is to enjoy the love of his life and enjoy life.

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Since then, they have shown their bohemian nights in front of the campfire on social networks, enjoying the friendship that unites them with the Los Angeles Galaxy forward, with whom Dictox even performed.

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But the most impressive and fascinating thing that the happy couple who have been proud of so far have been claiming is that no less than 7 years ago, they had the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride across the open sea, where they enjoyed the incredible whale. It twisted their skin and fully stimulated.

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“Oooh, don’t stain. I can not believe it,” Sebastian and Angelique shouted in disbelief at their comrades.

Prior to their departure, they were approached by the press at the airport, where they revealed their plans for the coming year. Sebastian Rully, Veronica Castro is about to finish recording the new version of the popular soap opera, The rich cry too, Where you share credits Claudia Martin, And it is scheduled to peak in February, where it is scheduled to air.

In the case Angelique BoerCreator of two successful soap operas in 2021, Empire of lies Y Conquer the past, There is no plan on the doorstep and so far, it has been said that it is ready to get anyone suitable for it.

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