Angelica Rivera and Cynthia Glidbow Reunite Almost 30 Years After Starring in 'La Duna'; This is how they are now |PHOTO

Angelica Rivera and Cynthia Glidbow Reunite Almost 30 Years After Starring in 'La Duna'; This is what they look like now (Photos: Instagram)

In 1995, Florida Mesa He made his solo debut as a soap opera producer TelevisaBeing the protagonist of the project Angelica Rivera And as a villain Cynthia Klitbo. TO Almost 30 years of Ownersaid the stars They meet again And their photo is going viral on social networks, with more than one person pointing out that they look better than when the melodrama aired. Stars.

Angelica RiveraEx First Lady of Mexico And the famous actress who was his wife Enrique Pena NietoHe shared an emotional post on that day instagram That caught the attention of his supporters. In the film, Rivera appears next Cynthia Klitbo, Karina RicoAnd Azela RobinsonProminent figures in acting, with whom he shares a solid friendship since his youth.

This reunion according to the words Klitpo, reflects the importance of friendship and loyalty, especially during difficult times. “Friendship and Faith in these troubled times “It's more valuable than ever,” Klitbo asserted, demonstrating the strong bond that held this group of friends together during and after the PRI's six-year term. Seagull He was caught up in controversies like the White House case and was in the 'eye of the hurricane'.

Acela Robinson, another famous actress who maintains a good friendship with 'La Caviota', also attended the meeting of the famous televisa soap opera produced by Florinda Mesa (Photo: Instagram)

The former First Lady of Mexico, who has been away from the public eye and devoted herself to travel and her family in recent years, has decided to make her presence on social networks more significant. instagram As the only official platform to interact with the public. Her recent activity on the social network has included sharing intimate moments with both her family and close friends, and this post is a clear example of her new openness.

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The publication in question highlighted not only Rivera's joy at reuniting with his friends after six years, but also his gratitude for them. “I love themRivera wrote, accompanying her message with a photo of the foursome hugging and smiling.

KlitpoFor his part, he reinforced this sentiment in his own account instagramDespite time and distance, the loyalty and friendship between them remains unbreakable.Only we know our truth, and that too is insurmountable! I am always faithful”, he highlighted.

There's no animosity between Angelica Rivera and Cynthia Klitpo: It's their viral reunion 30 years after 'La Duena' (Photo: Instagram).

A few months ago, he issued a public apology Cynthia Klitbo to do Angelica Rivera, the former first lady of Mexico, has attracted significant attention in the country's entertainment and political spheres. At the time, the actress expressed regret for revealing intimate details about La Caviota's life, especially the alleged infidelity. Enrique Pena NietoFormer President.

I -Angelica Rivera- publicly apologize because I had no reason to talk about my friend's privacy.” Cynthia Klitbo announced in an interview, underscoring the importance she places on her friendship with Rivera over rumors and controversy.

The thing is, I love her so much that I protected her; But I'm not going to talk about that right now, because that would be me exploring a life that doesn't belong to me.“Klitpo has expressed his desire to protect his relationship with Rivera, despite the mistakes he made, and now appears to have left the past behind and succeeded in this reunion.

Cynthia Klitpow's statements started rumors of a feud with Angelica Rivera (Photo: aylinmujic / Instagram)

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