Angela Aguilar's Italian makeup artist breaks the silence at the wedding between the singer and Christian Nodal

(Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_)

Photos showing it were recently released Angela Aguilar Dressed up and hair done for a wedding in Rome. The pictures were released via the Instagram account of the famous bridal makeup artist of Italian origin, Stefano Comelli.

However, the makeup artist did not mention the reasons behind the session to fix the Mexican singer, as she publicly thanked Aguilar for having her services. Three photos and a short video clip were enough for internet users and the press to launch a thorough investigation, giving a strong theory pointing to an intermarriage. Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar.

The news caused a stir on social networks, and Stefano Comelli had to issue a statement to stop the harassment of users and media seeking more details about the incident. Aguilar and Nodal love.

(Instagram @stefano.comelli)

“I have read many comments about Angela Aguilar's story. “For me, I want everyone to know that the privacy of all my clients is a priority, so I will not be giving any interviews or statements about rumours.”

Likewise, the makeup artist said that several people have tried to contact her to get exclusive information about the singing couple. In Photos posted by ComelliShow off a member of the Aguilar dynasty with a big, newly formed smile.

Likewise, she wears a white gown, similar to what brides wear on their big day. In addition to the fact that another of the pictures you can distinguish a bouquet White rosesUnfortunately that “testimonial” was deleted from the makeup artist's account.

It should be noted that the version that Nodal and Angela got married was supported by an entertainment journalist. Maxine Woodside. Well, in your plan, All for womenThe host revealed that a close source told him that the young couple tied the knot on June 1 in the Italian capital.

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The event is also believed to be attended by the bride's family, including singer Pepe Aguilar, who later decided to divert attention by traveling to Japan. “Nodal and Angela were in Italy and they told us they got married in Italy and had Pepe and from there he went to Japan,” Woodside said.

“Then they tell us he shows the ring, then they tell us he got married in Italy.”

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