Angela Aguilar: Singer with her father Pepe Aguilar ?? Canello ?? Prepared before the fight. Alvarez

The Aguilar dynasty has become very popular on its social networks Constant Activity in the show business but also for its distinction in preserving regional music Mexican, Led by Pepe Aguilar, he learned from his father Antonio Aguilar.

Since the onset of the epidemic, various Members Is close to the world of the family Show Through communication with its digital sites and its followers; Dynasty, however Aguilar It never stops showing activity when it comes to music Mexican.

As small as Angela Aguilar, He integrated into one of the figures Feminine The most important in recent years, thus forming part of the exclusive list of singers Feminine Successfully within Song.

It is easy to understand exactly why it is popular under this panorama Young The 17-year-old is invited to attend big events, which is why he was recently there Was invited To sing with his father Pepe Aguilar in an important song Conflict T box.

Pepe and Angela Aguilar prepare for the “Canelo” fight

It is worth remembering Popular Singer ?? Really ?? Signed in National Anthem ?? Canello ?? Alvarez and Billy Joe Sanders, which took place at AT&T Stadium, Located in Texas, United States On May 8th.

However, the interpretation of the national anthem Mexico by Angela Aguilar caused a stir on social media, especially later Even His father admitted that he was not doing well.

Despite the criticism, that was the moment Epic Now it was Pepe Aguilar who shared his gratitude and joy after the fight, where his daughter sang Anthem Opening up so they were ready for the emotional moment.

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