Angela Aguilar shows why she is one of the most beautiful women

Angela Aguilar He was joined by hundreds of celebrities who spoke at the new anniversary of Mexico’s independence. The Aztec country celebrates 211 years of liberation from Spanish rule.

For his part, his father Pepe Akilar Broadcast live on his Instagram account from San Francisco, USA. In it he left out several phrases that expressed pride in being a Mexican. His sons Leonardo Aguilar and Angela joined him alive. Without being slow or lazy, the Aquila dynasty took the opportunity to advertise their next concert via Facebook.

In the last hour, Angela Aguilar He posted two photos on his official Instagram account, which won a huge following of millions of followers around the world. It features a North American beauty with Latin roots dressed in black with embroidered flowers and a yellow tulle skirt. The beautiful teenager complemented her look with her loose hair, makeup and soft makeup.


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