Angela Aguilar confirms living a double life and reveals her learning after leaking intimate photos

Within regional music MexicanUndoubtedly one of the most successful singers Angela Aguilar, When he was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album, he raised his family’s name before reaching adulthood. “First I’m Mexican”However, it is precisely this success that has led her to position herself in the center of critics and, at times, in the center of controversy.

One of the scandals that almost cost him his career occurred in the first days of last April, when a series of photos were leaked, in which Angela Aguilar was lovingly kissing Gucci Law; Not only did the pictures cause a sensation, but in the following days the identity of the composer was revealed and his age caused a major scandal, as the man was about 16 years older than the granddaughter of Flor Sylvester and Antonio Aguilar.

However, the celebrity recently spoke out about the controversy, which has been gaining national attention for more than seven months. Remember when Pictures A complex panorama came to light It forced the singer to make a statement In which he expressed publicly: “I felt that my own privacy was violated, I felt violated,” he said through a video on his social networks.

Now it’s history and youth Singer Recently spoke with journalist Jorge Ramos from “Indeed” and he revealed that I learned from this complicated experience. “My lesson, as always, was the result of my mistakes in the past, listening to my parents a little too much,” the artist said.

Let’s remember that Angela has been in the middle of the show since she was five years old, so she revealed at one point that she was leading a double life because she was always transparent about herself. social networking sites, A famous woman needs to carry two essential aspects in her life in a separate way.

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In this sense, the young woman declared that it was like leading two lives, as she achieved her success at the same time as high school. “I’m an artist, I travel the world singing my music in front of thousands and thousands of people, but I’m also in a classroom with 15 classmates studying algebra. It’s like two professions, like a double life. “He admitted in an interview with Remeskla media.


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