Anel Norena will leave Jose Jose’s inheritance to her son since Marisol is “absent”.

  • Anel Norena said she would divide the inheritance if her daughter Marisol Sosa would forgive her. Otherwise it will only be for Jose Joel.

Although they seem united and on the same path, The Jose Jose’s family It has been involved in a lawsuit in recent months Jose Jose’s ex-wife and his global heir, Anel Norena, has accused her son-in-law of trying to assault her..

Recently, the singer’s eldest son Jose Joel spoke about this topic and this is a “Women’s Case” And Although he doesn’t want to get involved, he supports his mother For the simple fact of being the one who gave him life, His sister Marisol considers them “family” and regrets not being family anymore. It also affects many related decisions Legacy of Jose Jose, By being Anel is a global heir.

Anel pointed out on this Thursday morning show Today She is willing to leave Jose Joel as the sole heir of her estate and to completely avoid her daughter Marisol, who was involved in these cases.

Jose Joel highlights how Marysol Sosa focuses on her family and considers them ‘family’ / Instagram: @marysol_sosa

Due to the scandal with the singer’s youngest daughter and wife Sarita Sosa and Sarah Salazar, Norena, Maryse couldn’t say goodbye to her fatherBut warned him If they continue to drift apart, the same will happen to her when she dies..

“True, Mary couldn’t say goodbye to her father. “I don’t know how long it will be, Mary, if you and I part, it will be sad because you are my daughter, Mary. He commented.

Jose Jose’s partner shared with the public a conversation he had with his daughter minutes into the show’s airing: You were very clear today. We message each other and he tells me: ‘Mother, you have lied and slandered’“, said. Norena added He apologized to his daughter and son-in-law Not only in front of the cameras, but also behind them, until now they have not been able to compromise because they consider it so. “They have a very hard heart against me.”

Anel also thanked his son for supporting him in this conflict. When asked on the morning show if Jose Joel did it because he wanted to keep the heir, he said: “There is always a mother to forgive and fix, but they are unwilling.

Also continued: It doesn’t scare me that my daughter can’t say goodbye to me, but it must scare her because it’s not the most comfortable thing. , or to the sea and the sun. I have two kids and am happy to share that, but one doesn’t, and if the other one does, it’s common sense.”.

Anel concluded that she is waiting for her daughter at home every day to solve the case.

Anel could leave Jose Joel as sole heir if his lawsuit with Marisol continues / Facebook: Anel Noreña

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