Anel Norena is the global successor of Jose Jose

Happy Anel Norena, Jose Joel and Marisol Sosa In addition to being thermal, he commented to the press Executioner From the arrangement of Jose Jose, It’s his Global heir.

We are very happy, The will was read legally and legally It’s like where it is Global heir Ana Elena Norena Bull”, Jose Joel commented a few days ago that they were waiting for a court hearing because the epidemic would have delayed the process.

In the company Laura Nunes And husband of Marisol Sosa, That family From ‘The Prince of Song’, He clarified that this is the only evidence Singer’s, legally recognized, “She is a global heir, and really has no choice. There is no other arrangement”, Marisol pointed out.

For its part, Anel said happily After reading the document, “(I feel) very happy, very grateful, very happy, longing and in comfort, Hallelujah!”, He revealed.

Jose Joel pointed it out Continue the process That’s one Long process But now they know it legally and legally, Anel Norena is the global heir apparent, “As it is read today, it has been legally and legally acknowledged that Ana Elena Norena Bull is the universal heir, with no other choice. What follows from that? We will let you know where we are going, thank you very much.”He explained.

The Norse Sosa family spoke of Jose Jose’s wish:

Without saying more about The tradition of the singer, About Jose Jose Properties in Miami, Anel commented, “Jose is from heaven Put his family above everyone else; What do you know? I think this is the second part of the series, I don’t know but of course Do you understand what a global heir is? Is there, That’s where I go “.

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testament jose jose anel noreña Global Heir Properties Miami Sarita

Jose Joel also reiterated that he had tried Contact Sarita, But the case has not been filed, so in the next few hours he may pronounce the matter through his lawyers or remain silent until he finds Jose Jose’s will in the United States “I tried a thousand times Personal contact with her, Not letting go, wants to hang out with people, God bless her and move on, We continue to do our thingHe commented.

Finally on Music Royalty From Jose Jose, Marisol and Jose Joel commented They continue in that process Take the next step.

testament jose jose anel noreña Global Heir Properties Miami Sarita

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