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‘S split screen This is a functionality that was first developed in early 2016, which allows users to use two applications simultaneously on the same smartphone, however, some applications are not compatible with this mode because the message that appears when trying to add them: “Application does not support split screen”. In this case, we will explain in detail the steps that can be used to force any application on your mobile in the above format.

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One of the most used apps by users who refuse to work with split screen is some heavy games from Instagram and Google Play Store, but, thankfully, there is an option in developer mode. Allows you to force additional programs into your cell phone without having to install them.

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The trick is to force an Android processor to open on a split screen

Before that, try to open the split screen with Instagram, how to do it? Enter the social network and press the Digital Start button Android It is located at the bottom, then touch the button to open the apps in the background (which is on the left side of the house), press the Instagram icon for a few seconds and you will see that there is no “open screen” option. Appear. Divided. “If you do the same on WhatsApp, the functionality will be available.

It is important to clarify from Android 11 Or in higher versions, you can do the trick of forcing all the applications to open on the split screen, however its functionality depends on the device and its processor limits, but on the devices you have the navigation will be slow or fast.

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  • Access the “Settings” or “Configurations” of your smartphone Android.
  • Activate “Developer Mode” by clicking on the “About Phone”> “Software Info” section.
  • Here you are going to touch the “Built number” option several times to enable the above mode.
  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down and you will see that you have already enabled Developer Mode and press it.
  • In this section, look for and activate the “Force resize functions” switch, which may also be labeled “Force resize functions”, which may vary slightly depending on the product and model of devices you have.

Done, so be it. Exit developer mode and try to open Instagram now, for example, you will notice the option to open on split screen.

How to know what processor is on my android phone

  • Download the application “CPU-Z”, which is completely free and can be obtained quickly by clicking on the following .
  • Issue all permissions included so that it can function.
  • You will see a series of boxes with captions in purple.
  • You can first see the processor in your terminal on the main screen of the SOC.
  • But not only that, you can also find features like RAM, internal memory and GPU details.
  • When copying what processor is in your cell phone AndroidYou need to search for it on a specialized website to find out what you can do with it.
  • Note that the processor does not change, it is stable.

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