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No, your phone number won’t stop working forever, in fact something you didn’t know will happen that we’re sure will surprise you.

Perhaps your friends, family or co-workers have added phone numberthe same one that you have been using for many years, however, suddenly you decide to change it because someone is blackmailing you or you simply receive many random phone calls, the ones where they give you products and services all the time.

Surely you ever wondered, what happens to my cell phone number if I change it to another one? In the event that you suddenly stop using it without canceling it, different phone companies They give you a maximum of 6 to 12 months until the line is automatically cancelled (This is if you don’t recharge or purchase a mobile plan).

So when they cancel the line or you decide to do it yourself, what happens to the number? Is it deleted forever? Will you be able to make or receive calls? It’s something we’ll explain below from Depor. Take note.

This happens with your phone number when you change it to a new one

  • Firstly, no one will be able to contact you and you will not make calls either.
  • If they try to contact you, the operator will likely answer and say the following: “The number you dialed does not exist“.
  • Is it true that it no longer exists? The answer is relative.
  • In the first months or years, The number will not be available anywhere on the planetbut depending on the time set by the company that provided you with the services, it will run again.
  • Many operators tend to “reuse numbers” that have been unsubscribed, which is why another user can use your previous number.
  • Before changing the number, it is recommended to notify all added contacts and give them the new number, WhatsApp is a good tool for disseminating this kind of information.
  • Also, remember to transfer all contacts stored on the SIM card to your Google account.
  • Finally, unlink this number from the platforms where you registered it, eg: Gmail, Facebook, banking apps, etc.
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So you can block spam calls on Android

If you find it very annoying to receive spam calls on Android, we show you a simple method that you can apply on every smartphone.

for Android devices

  • What you should do first is go to the Settings app from your mobile phone.
  • Then go to the Settings option.
  • Among the alternatives, choose Block or Filter.
  • Now, tap on the Silence Unknown Numbers section to enable it.
  • From this moment on, spam numbers will be blacklisted.
  • Also, you can put the contacts you want in this list.

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