Andrew Robertson reveals Dias’ impact on Liverpool’s qualification for Champions League final | Colombians abroad

He is the man of the moment, the ‘Match of the Match’ of the thrilling Champions League semi-final, the one everyone loves in Liverpool, and his name even sounds in the songs.

But there is what to see Louis Diaz Working every day, dealing with his communication problems while learning English and smiling, as Klopp says, even if the job is hard?

This was revealed by one of his partners who tried to be close to him in football language: Andrew Robertson, Like everyone else at the club, he is amazed at his adaptation.

“It’s special … we tried to help him as much as we could. We know how hard it will be to come in January, the coaches have updated him, but he’s a special player, very special. His talent and desire to win fit us perfectly, ”he assured.

Be aware of the warning he makes for the future: “It’s a pleasure to play with him and I hope he only gets better in a full pre-season, it will be scary. But what he is doing now is already very special.

They think from the inside out that a lot of talent needs to be used, as happened in the last Champions League match: “It was hard to get Joda out because he was better this season, but Lewis made a big change and he started to jump in and push them back. It was a very good half for him. . “

Robertson admitted that at half-time against Villarreal, still losing 2-0, they were trying to take things easy, knowing that something good was going to happen to Diaz: “To be fair, there was silence in the locker room at half-time. Calm, because in that first half (Villarreal). Put everything in. I think they played well, their fans were excited, we made a big change in Anfield and its impact and its fans in the first half.The break was still a reminder to us that 2-2, we were still in balance, the next goal was important.We picked up Louise We came, he made a difference, we made tactical changes. “

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The end of the story is a Theas ‘going over the shoulder’, happy for his acting, but proud of being the man who made the difference. From the inside they recognize and appreciate him. As Robertson says, this story is just beginning.

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