Andres was praised by the works of policeman Brian Ruiz

Both players have been practicing in their respective countries for a long time with tips and even better football

Andrew saved He is one of the most experienced tips within the Mexican national team, and he has no mindset in recognizing the quality of one of his rivals from the front pitch in this Thursday’s game. Brian Ruiz, Undeniable Captain Costa Rica From many years.

The Real Betis de Sevilla player and Alajulens player each have an important sporting career competing at the highest level of international football in Europe, in the case of Cடோrdoba and Ruiz they were in Belgium, crossing countries like Spain, Germany and the Netherlands, Holland, England and Portugal.

Both players are of the same generation, both became young referees for their national teams ten years ago because of the role they played while playing in Europe, and they have seen each other on many occasions since the Elimination Games, Gold Cup And friendly engagements.

Now both are players with more years on each team, but they continue to show that they are of higher quality, in the case of the guard he recognized it without any fear, he considers Brian Ruiz Many conditions despite being 35 years old.

“Speaking of personal ability, it has always changed the times we have faced Costa Rica Brian is or is not Brian, he is a different player Costa Rica, In my opinion. He has that model, he manages the times well, he has a lot of quality in every way and the quality is still confirmed over the years, as the years go by, you lose qualities, but you improve others, that’s the case with him., For me, it’s a Costa Rica With Brian he is another without him, he is a player with a lot of experience and someone to take into account when he encounters Costa Rica”, The policeman told a news conference before the fight on Thursday.

Guard and Ruiz started playing against from the qualifying rounds South Africa 2010, Each of them at the time was 23 to 24 years old, and for more than ten years now they have been an important part of their teams and will seek to give their best presentation to include their teams in the finals of the Nations League of Finals. CONCACAF More importantly, helping their countries come to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

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