Andrea Legretta welcomes 2022 by posing in a bikini from Acapulco

Andrea Legretta He welcomed the year 2022 with a series of photos in which he showed off his best body Wearing a small bikini made thousands of fans fall in love again.

Although she began her career as an actress and singer, she established herself as one of Mexico’s favorite television presenters on the show ‘Hoy’, which led to her capturing the hearts of millions on social media. Users.

It was precisely on his official Instagram profile Andrea Lagaretta shares a series of photos that show off her dazzling beauty and stylized figure From the port of Acapulco, where she went to celebrate the New Year with her husband Eric Rubin and her two daughters, Mia and Nina.

This time the 50-year-old presenter She posed for the camera with her little black bikini, Whose curves were exposed to the view of 5.6 million followers, they were certainly shocked because in a few hours he was able to cross 60 thousand “likes”.

In one film, the actress then covered part of her body with a hat to show off her flat abdomen.

Along with the revealing publication that turned out to be one of the weekend’s favorite magazines, Galileo Montezo’s partner Raul Araiza and Ararat de la Torre also shared family photos from the beach during the ‘Hoi’ show, in which he walked out. The wonderful way he celebrated the arrival of 2022.

Undoubtedly Andrea Legretta He has proven that age is not a barrier to perfect appearance because he not only shows his body during his travels. His residence in Acapulco, Guerrero, Or on vacation.

For example, a few days ago he used a mini dress while driving on Televisa, where he appeared in a provocative semitransparent outfit in black. Heart attack. Owned by it, it has been approved by more than 160,000 users with a red heart.

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