Andrea Lagaretta denies Paulina Rubio’s rude behavior during an interview

An embarrassing moment came after Televisa’s ‘Hoy’ morning presenter Andrea Legretta. Snap by singer Paulina Rubio, During an interview attended by driver Paul Stanley, the couple Eric Rubin Talked about it.

In an interview with ‘Ventaniando’, Andrea Legretta ‘Golden Woman’, Because most of the time in the interview he promised that she realized he had avoided her, but it was I wanted to believe that he did not do it on purpose.

“The truth is, when we saw each other, we greeted each other as usual. I didn’t realize it … I noticed she turned to the milk side, But there are those on one side ”, Mentioned Andrea Legretta.

She also mentioned that she believes it This was due to an aesthetic issue And the camera can capture the best angle Paulina Rubio, Who even told me to sit down.

“Paulina told me to be on that side, that’s her side. It has happened to me and others, to whom I have the most confidence, he even told them. I have told Gabriel Soto that I love him, and I was sad to tell Paul, Eventually she was our guest If she wants to get back there, it’s her side I have to respect her, Said Andrea Legretta.

In addition, the host mentioned Legarreta There is no problem between them The famous Mexican singer had to leave the forum as she said goodbye and hugged her as if nothing had happened. “When I said goodbye to her we hugged each other. I don’t really feel that way. “

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Notable Andrea Legretta The question was raised about the possibility Paulina Rubio’s rudeness may be in the name of Eric Rubin, Legarreta noted that this is already one of the most unreliable in the past.

“It makes me laugh, just imagine it After Paulina, Eric’s friends passed 250, and then I appeared. Paulina and I met on the show ‘Dancing with Me’., Finished Andrea Legretta.

Andrea Legretta promises that Paulina Rubio will be fine

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