Andr ஹs Hurtado surprises Sipolin ‘Alecia Rovekno’ by saying ‘Maleficent’ and ‘Siberian’: Candidate for Miss Peru responds like this Video FARANDULA | Performances

It was sent! Candidates for Jessica Newton and Miss Peru as guests of Andrés Hurtado . The host of the show “Saturday with Andres” dedicated a few words to the model and surprised more than one.

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“I see you as an inspiration, and at the same time I see you as beautiful and evil, it is beautiful (…) When you enter as Maleficent, dangerous, but at the same time beautiful and gentle, that is, you have a set of thingsSaid the famous ‘Sipolin’.

As the driver spoke, Hugo Garcia’s girlfriend opened her eyes and showed a surprised expression. “thank you very much”He pointed out briefly.

However, all did not stop there, Andres Hertado continued with the qualifications and confirmed that his eyes tensed him. “You look like a Siberian (…) so beautiful, I congratulate you”He added.

Sipolin is surprised to be told by Alicia Rovekno that she is “malicious” and “Siberian”: this is how the candidate for Miss Peru responded.

Andres Hurtado to Alessia Rovekno: “I do not like you?”

At another time, he asked TV presenter Alicia Rovekno directly if she did not like the way he described her.

“The description is wrong, you do not like me? If you like it, leave me alone”. Hugo Garcia’s girlfriend said she did not feel sad or embarrassed and thanked him.

Alessia Rovegno and the reason she is Miss Peru

Sample She went to “Amore y Fuco” last Tuesday, May 17, to talk about her candidacy for Miss Peru 2022. The young woman came to the show with Jessica Newton and the other contestants in the beauty pageant, Rodrigo Gonzalez and Gigi Mitter.

At one point in the conversation,

I have already given up all my duties abroad to dedicate myself 100% to Miss Peru. And … I have lived too … what it means to strive”, “Peluchín” his message before confirming that his time is up.

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