Ana Barbara shows off her lovely boyfriend; He stole the singer’s heart

What was the surprise taken by the fans of the entertainment world after the beautiful singer, Ana Barbara Share a photo of her expressing her excitement for reaching the age of seven with her beautiful boyfriend.

In the presence of millions of followers on social media, Translator of songs such as “Pandito”, “Lo Search” and “Loca” She shared a picture with her boyfriend, who dedicated a love message to him, in which he thanked her for everything.

“Every time I look at the light I want to thank for the moments of joy and for those who left so many lessons for me,” the TV presenter wrote. ⁇

Prior to the news, users on social networks undertook the task of learning a little more about the emotional partner. Ana Barbara, Many of them were surprised to learn that he had a romantic partner.

Partner of Ana Barbara

Through her social networks, AJ Muñoz, Ana Barbara’s boyfriend, has more than 11,000 followers who have the opportunity to learn a little more about her relationship with the singer.

The celebrity expresses his love. Photo: Instagram

In most publications, the manager shares photos of the different trips he makes in the singer’s company, which is considered one of the most talented within the Mexican regional genre.

Also, Ana Barbara’s boyfriend also shares Photos and videos of your posts Among the many television projectors, he was one of the collaborating guests on the famous series “Louis Miguel: The Series”.

A.J. All point out that one of Munoz ‘best interests is luxury vehicles and sports, as he usually uploads content next to multiple cars and within multiple stadiums.

They have a seven-year relationship. Photo: Instagram

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