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They have met five times in history since 1962. The first fight between the two is friendly and the remaining four are official.

The Barcelona Sporting Club and the Santos Football Club have met five times in history since 1962. The first fight between the two was friendly and the remaining four were official, all to Copa Libertadores de America. He arrived in Guayaquil in 1962, having the undeniable golden age of the club, along with Pele, one of the greatest saints of all time. Although it was a friendly match, the Sவோo Paulo team was real Cracking Of global football, among them – the football king Jitto, Coutinho, Pepe and Gilmar and other stars.

Santos FC Versus. Barcelona SC: Date, TV channel and schedule for Day 1 of the Copa Libertadores team stage match

Santos’ arrival was expected to be “more than normal” at EL UNIVERSO. “Fans are delighted” to have been presented with a “galaxy of stars” that “amazes all spectators in the universe with an amazing football”. “It will be led by Pele, the greatest footballer of all time on the planet.” “Finally”, Santos landed in Guayaquil on January 6, 1962, 24 hours later at the Modello Stadium, just before the “appropriate Barcelona”.

On January 7, 1962, he joined Bonnard on the Barcelona model; Herrera (Estevez), Lecaro, McCas; J. Marysault (Sambrano), Reeves Patterson; Condo, b. Marysalt (Pinto), Cortaro (Romero), Calderon (Altamirano), Cazarde (Navas). Formed with Santos Larcio (Gilmar); Lima, Olavo, Decio; Gitto (Catulio) Calvet (Formica); Dorwall (Tide) Mengelvio, Coutinho (Pakao), Pele, Pepe.

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A win

Sandista goals from Jito and Pepe and discounts from Mario Corto, they all went half time (Brazilian advantage 2-1). But on completion Coutinho was unleashed and “showed efficiency” with four goals. Vicente Legaro, on penalty, knocked down Kilmer.

Pele did not score 6-2, but the prestigious journalist Ricardo Sagan Garcia wrote in his article ‘Sports Premiums’ on EL UNIVERSO, “I do not need to score Pele because I remember emerging through his class plays. Amax on either side,’ This goal is yours The team goes to the players as if to say, “If it feels unbelievable, it doesn’t seem like a human path.”

Official Games

In 2004, for the group stage, the Canaries and Sandistas competed for the first time in official duties. They shared Key 7 with the Quran (Paraguay) and Jorge Wilsterman (Bolivia). At the time, Santos had Robinho, Diego and Elano as figures, who, at the beginning of the 21st century, were tricking the Sandista torchidors into recovering the best times. But it can not be, as soon as, individually, they are gone.

They played at the Memorial Ground on March 3, winning 3-1 in front of a crowd of about 40,000 spectators. Renato had a powerful left-footed shot from about 30 meters for Santos in the 43rd minute, a shot from Basilio’s mouth in the 49th minute and Robinho scored in the 82nd minute. Rodrigo Texera dismissed Barcelona in the 63rd minute.

The newspaper reported that “the game started with a great Santos who showed from the first minute that he was coming for victory and that he was not going to speculate against a competitor who was ashamed and highly respected by him.”

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These are the forms: Barcelona: Sevalos; Karabali, Fleetas, Kaiseto; George, Soledispa (Carido), Tenorio, Satrook (Escobar), Villegas (Kavica); Texira, Cavidis. DT: Victor Luna.

Santos: Tony; Paulo Caesar, Alex, Andre Lewis, Leo; Clayton, Elano (Lobes), Diego (Palo Almeida), Renato; Basilio (Pereira), Robinho. DT: Emerson Leo.

The second quarter was played on March 11, 2004. Barcelona lost 1-0, but both teams advanced to the next round of the Libertadores. EL UNIVERSO reported: “Robinho had the ball under his shirt to celebrate. It came in the 69th minute when he scored the only goal of the game, beating Santos Barcelona 1-0 from Brazil at the Vila Belmira Stadium in Group 7 of the Copa Libertadores. ”

He added, “The play started in the right field, with defender Marco Aurelio beyond him. There, Robinho won the title of Marcelo Fletas and went against the field where Jose Francisco defeated Sevalos. ”

Barcelona, ​​Historic

Back in 2017 South America’s most important club match was Barcelona and Santos face to face, which was in the quarterfinals. On September 13, things did not start out exactly for the Canaries when they drew 1 with the Brazilians.

Barcelona won a draw at home against Brazilian Santos in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores quarter-final. As the second half of the match began, Bruno opened the scoring for Henrique Santos. Forward advanced 1-0 using David Brass’s title service. Barcelona’s rise was slow, but Uruguay’s Jonathan Alves equalized in the 79th minute. ”

The outlook was not good, but on the return Barcelona were able to renew its position as a trophy team. On September 20, 2017, Vila Belgio visited Santos at the stadium, and this Tuesday both teams begin to participate in the 2021 edition.

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EL UNIVERSO said four years ago: “The Canary Club is one of the four best in the United States, qualifying for the semi-finals of the Continental tournament in the absence of 19 years. He made a success of one of the brightest yellow chapters in history. He defeated Santos in Brazil, taking the defeat he won in the current edition of the trophy yesterday.

Barcelona cheering millions

This newspaper review continued on the spectacular bullfighting success: Barcelona return to the heroic nights of the Copa Libertadores of the 70s, 80s and 90s! Unforgettable victories, epic matches, unforgettable goals – not only screaming, but inside and outside the country, their fans are back at the top of their lungs, but with their soul – back. The Copra Heritage team, which does not respect the titles of Barcelona’s paths or rivals, has returned to the Belmiro ground in Villa, where the legend of Pele was born. “

The place put Wanderley; Feroz, Lucas Verasimo, David Brass, Jega; Alison (Kayke), Leandro Donicet (Jean Motta), Vecchio, Cobet; Bruno Henrique (Fabian Nogura), Ricardo Oliveira. Barcelona put Guillermo Almada Maximo Panguero; Point Pablo Velasco, Tario Eimer, Xavier Areca, Peter Guido; Marcos Keiseto (Eric Castillo), Gabriel Marx, Matthias Oyola (Washington Vera), Damien Thias; Eli Esterilla (Jose Iowa), Jonathan Alves. (D)

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