An Australian who was attacked by a crocodile opened the jaw of a reptile that bit his head with his hands

One survivor of a crocodile attack in northern Australia has severed the jaw-biting reptile jaws with bare hands. BBC.

The 44-year-old man was 1.5 to 2 meters long when he was attacked by a saltwater crocodile while swimming in Lake Placet in Queensland. He was taken to hospital with “minor injuries” and doctors say he was lucky because he may have been seriously injured.

Ambulance doctor Paul Sweeney said the man was “very quiet” when the intervention team reached him.

“He told us that a crocodile bit his head and when he tried to free himself he put his hands in the reptile’s mouth to open its jaws and when he tried to take his hands out, the crocodile’s jaws closed over his fingers,” Sweeney said.

The doctor added that after the attack, the person swam a considerable distance to shore and came out of the water. “It was clear after I assessed that he had sticks in his head.” The victim was taken to a hospital in Cairns and is now in stable condition.

Paul Sweeney told reporters that the man had been swimming in the lake three times a week for the past eight years and “would not be surprised if he re-entered the lake.”

The Queensland Environment Department said it would “send special personnel to the lake area to learn more about the nature of the attack and whether action is needed.” “We remind people that Lake Placid and the Cairns area are known for hosting crocodiles,” officials said.

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