An alarming decline in international parcel shipments to Cuba

The Correos de Cuba branch of the province of Sancti Spíritus confirmed an alarming decrease in shipments of parcels to Cuba from abroad, to the point that its income has fallen to limits not seen before. The worst of it is that it is not a problem exclusive to the province of Espírito, but a nationwide condition.

In the first quarter of the current year, this company introduced a decrease in receiving parcels from abroad and, logically speaking, in their delivery. They have practically run out of common purpose in their work as parcel deliverers, but they warn that this is not limited to the territory, the decline is general.

So much so that the Spiritus branch had to carry out other tasks outside of its core job to earn more money. What tasks? According to a report from local newspaper Escambray, workers and post office cars in that city are doing everything from removals and hauling building materials to hauling “queen bees” following an agreement with the Cuban beekeeping company (Apicuba).

“We emphasized the design of new non-traditional measures that can generate economic contributions, such as the transfer of virtual purchases to homes, which are implemented through Tiendas Caribes and CIMEX, with experience going back to the previous year,” He said Alexis Perez Borges, deputy postmaster for the county.

Drop in international package for Cuba

The decline in international parcel shipments to Cuba is a problem affecting thousands of families who rely on this route to receive assistance from relatives abroad. In 2021, there has been an increase in shipments in the midst of the pandemic crisis, but in a more normalized case with flights, it is relatives who carry the goods.

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In addition, the growth that occurred during the pandemic was not accompanied by an improvement in the infrastructure and services of the companies responsible for processing and distributing packages.

These include Correos de Cuba, Aerovaradero, Transcargo, Palco Customs Agency, Cubapack, and Cubanacán Express. They all had difficulties meeting deadlines and quality standards in delivering international parcels. Something that affects the confidence of Cubans who send packages from abroad.

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