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An 80-year-old bachelor proved his date after discovering he was 79, not 50. The incident occurred during the taping of the Spanish show “First Dates,” where strangers meet at a restaurant for dinner.

Emily, a farmer by profession, decides to be a part of the show to find love; However, he did not know how to react when met WhiteA 79-year-old woman wanted to meet someone special, just like him.

After seeing his date, the man remained silent without saying a word. Soon, the show’s producers came to ask if everything was alright. Emilio explains that Blanca is not the person he expected to meet, as he was looking for someone “classy, ​​beautiful, and beautiful.”

She’s not my kind of girl. I feel a little disappointed”He said he was very embarrassed about the situation. “Can I cancel the appointment? It won’t work for me.”.

Photo: Mediaset

“He missed it”

Despite their attempts to change his mind, Emilio refuses to return to the salon: “Society doesn’t allow me, this girl doesn’t agree with me. I don’t like it, God!”.

Blanca, for her part, understood what was going on and expressed her annoyance at what had happened. “He’d be too cute to turn me down, but he missed it”He pointed out.

Photo: Mediaset
Photo: Mediaset

Blanca is a woman who was widowed 28 years ago, according to El Confidential newspaper. After some time, she met another man, but he died four years ago. He has 7 children and decided to give love a new chance and came on the show.

What are “first dates”?

“First Dates” It is a reality television show in which ten strangers, who have previously passed a matching quiz, are paired up on a blind date in what appears to be a restaurant. Under the coordination of host Carlos Sopera, who acts as host, the five couples must maintain a conversation throughout the dinner served by the show assistants.

In conjunction with the new season from September, special programs titled ‘Special Menu’ are being offered weekly in prime time, giving a second chance to the most diverse and beautiful characters who were unfortunate in the earlier dates.

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