AMLO responds after broadcasting video of his brother receiving money

(CNN Espasol) – President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Denounced a “black campaign” against him behind the release of a video of his brother Martin appearing this Friday, and received several bundles of money equivalent to about $ 7,500 from former civil defense national coordinator David Leon. Of your government until August 2020.

“The purpose of this is to harm me or harm me, this is the usual black propaganda of my opponents. We are already used to this, but we are not always out of slander, we are harmless,” the president told a news conference.

In this case, Lopez Obrador said, it is a personal matter, credit. He pointed out that he had not been in contact with his brother for five years, but that it should be done if there was a complaint.

“If a brother, cousin, daughter-in-law, any relative and I have already stated that they have committed a crime since I was in possession, they should be prosecuted and there should be no punishment,” he said.

The video was aired Thursday by Latin US portal journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.

Video details

According to the media, the Morena party, founded by Lopez Obrador, will be officially registered with the National Electoral Commission (INE) from July 2014, shortly before the first elections, and the audio-visual material will be filmed in 2015.

Through your Twitter account, David Leon Romero wrote this Friday, “The resources mentioned there are personal as a result of my savings and in the case of debt.”

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CNN could not independently verify the registration date of this item or verify where it was made. In the same way, an attempt is being made to contact Martin Lopez Obrador and Leon Romero to find out his opinion, but so far no answer has been forthcoming.

This is not the first time Leon Romero has appeared in a video of a Mexican president’s cousin allegedly handing out money.

Background: Videos of another brother of AMLO appearing

In August 2020, the same portal aired two calls and two videos in which one of the president’s brothers, Pao Lopez Obrador, appeared to have received money during an election campaign six years ago in the southern state of Chiapas. .

At the time, David Leon Romero pointed out that the money given to Pao Lopez Obrador was doing morena meetings and other activities of the Morena party.

Then the President of Mexico said “They are contributions to the strengthening of the movement … At a time when people supported, basically, we have been fighting for years. People have funded us as they did when the revolutions took place.”

AMLO claims that his brother received campaign contributions 4:20

Lopez Obrador added that the Attorney General’s Office is responsible for investigating the origin and purpose of what was given to his brother and determining whether any financial or electoral crime has been committed. He promised that he would be willing to testify before the public ministry to explain “what should I do in this case”.

According to the INE, each political party has an individual limit on the amount of cash contributions it can receive from supporters. This equates to about US $ 100,000.

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On June 30, the INE’s Oversight Commission, including the file of Pao Lopez Obrador, stated that “there was no response from Mexican authorities to provide the information needed to prevent investigations and complete the proceedings.” He has not yet spoken publicly about the case.

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