AMLO launches a new initiative in science and technology: what are your suggestions?

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President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), send a new initiative to me Parliamenton this occasion seeking to issue General Law of the Humanities, Science and Technology. This is after The opposition in the legislature did not agree to two of the three constitutional reforms it sent in 2022. The electrician and the electoral one.

In the explanatory statement drafted by President López Obrador, the initiative seeks to “guarantee the human right to science” and where “The State shall exercise the necessary supervision for the national development and well-being of the population.”. Likewise, the science and technology policy of the past two decades is exposed.

According to the initiative sent by the executive power during Directions by Vicente Fox (2000-2006), Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) and Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) A policy was adopted to “meet the research needs of private companies and increase private spending on scientific research.”

The document, which was published in the Parliamentary Gazette, stated that: Private spending and investment “have not enhanced the ability to open up new fields of work and research for people with master’s and doctoral degrees either.”Apart from emphasizing the so-called “brain drain”, as many as 400,000 Mexicans with this academic profile reside abroad.

Another aspect that has been criticized is the role of the National Science and Technology Council (Consit) in “Knowledge Marketing by Paying Publishing Companies.” Added to that trust They are created by public research centers outside the academic communities.

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What is AMLO looking for with its science and technology initiative?

The federal executive emphasizes public policy points in the field of science and technology, among them: Strengthening the humanitarian and scientific community in the country, and promoting basic and frontier sciences in all fieldsSolving national problems, developing strategic technologies, and comprehensive access to scientific knowledge.

Also, search Decentralization of the sector’s activities through cooperation, collaboration and interdependence between government levels.. In the field of resources, a Fair and proportional distribution of public resources allocated to support research.

One of the novelties is that “The head of the federal executive authority may freely appoint and dismiss the head of the National Council Directorate.”. This initiative is referred to the House of Representatives committees. The last session of the first term of the LXV Legislature’s sophomore year will be on December 15.

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