American fans are asking for Oscar Jimenez as the starting goalkeeper

Mexico City /

last night William Ochoa Protecting the target AmericaThe The previous SundayHe signed off with the penalty he scored Angel Mena to him 3-2 Will end well the lion.

Like never before, Paco memo He was close to stopping the Ecuadorian shot; However, the force of the shot was able to bend the arms Eagles goalkeeper.

And how it is designed Millionaire entertainmentThe captain was always criticized for not giving the maximum penalty and the goalkeeper did not wait for criticism. National Exam.

Shots from the spot are difficult for Ochoa, not so Oscar JimenezWho stood outside the cream gate during the game League Cup Showcase 2022, before him LAFC of Carlos Candle.

The match in Sophie MaidanAfter a couple of terrible threads, the lucky round had to determine a winner, and that was precisely it. Alternate goalkeeper of the self-proclaimed Much hatedSo the pulse of Americanism was felt Oscar Like one, because, in addition, in the comments, it was confirmed that this protector gives them more protection than the star on the door.

A round of applause for the goalkeeper

“I don’t know what Jimenez is doing on the bench, he contributes more than Ochoa, but they want him to go. the world”, read one of the many comments, with the majority generally appreciating her good performance.

“Let’s stop making excuses about Ochoa with penalties, myself included. Ochoa, the starter, can’t even hit a 1 when a twice-a-year substitute hits a penalty. The only penalty he remembers was against Mexico two years ago, and Amey doesn’t have one now,” commented another fan. Said..

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